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November 7 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Jeanne / Resources is taking a short break while she works on a personal project. She'll be out until Nov 21st. In the meantime, continue to email resources@bellaonline.com with any questions about forums, graphics, and related areas. I'll be covering the email and will lend a hand!

Jill / Editor Help is back from her sabbatical! Jill is the go-to person for all editors who have fully graduated out of the launch status. We're thrilled to have her back! She can be reached at EditorHelp@BellaOnline.com. Let her know if you have any questions at all about getting the most out of your BellaOnline experience! She can help with social networking, marketing, and many other topics!

Our other three managers are here to help as well. They are -

Sadhana / Training - training@bellaonline.com - all basic training editors
Tina / Ebooks - ebooks@bellaonline.com - all ebook questions
Lesley / Newsletters - newsletterhelp@bellaonline.com - all newsletter questions

Let me know if you have any questions!

Many editors are showing interest in Lulu's short short story contest! Here are some additional tips. You can enter as many times as you want! So you can put in lots of different short stories to gain exposure. One idea is to write short stories relating to your larger novels you're publishing! That way you get people interested in your topic area and lure them into the full book. Remember that the short story has to hold their interest as a "start to end experience" so avoid just cutting and pasting part of your first chapter. Maybe write a little vignette that shows how powerful your main characters are!

In the meantime, don't forget that our Mused Literary Magazine deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov 8th! Get your items in before then to be considered for our Winter issue!


I'm so thrilled, my four Low Carb books are now available in print format! I've been tweaking these things for a while now. I did these through Lulu. In essence what I did was take my ebook versions, tweak the page size to be the 6x9 print size, and "save as PDF". I then made a cover. I loaded the inside PDF and cover JPG into Lulu, and voila! I was done! It's really a very simple process, and now all those readers who still crave print books can buy a copy.

I highly recommend editors look into doing this. It's very easy and it's a great way to set up an eternal money stream. I.e. these books will now earn me money every month going forward even if I never touch them again.

Here's the main page where I describe the four books -


A few things to notice -

* I link all of these entries to *my articles* with more details. This keeps this page as an information link page and not a "wall of ads". This gets you higher sales rates and higher traffic. Walls of ads are often degraded drastically by Google.

* On my detail pages, I show the cover on the right. This way it's not a roadblock to the reader's eyes. I want them to keep reading and reach that BUY link. I do want to show the cover to build the brand recognition.

* I have a caveat that I wrote it :) That way it's clear that my "review" is biased, and that that is OK.

* The buy link is text. People tend to skip over graphic ads because of years of internet training. They read text links. Buy links work best when they are text and when they are immediately below the sales pitch. That way the reader finishes reading the sales pitch, their eyes then go right to the link, and they're likely to click it. You want to have that link right there where they end up.

Post in the ebook forum if you have any questions at all, we are here to help you thrive and reach your goals!

Lisa Shea, owner


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