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November 7 2017 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

First, our Mused Literary Review submission deadline is coming up this Wednesday, November 8th at midnight. Please get your artwork, poetry, essays, short stories, and other works in! We would love to feature your works.


Second, I am going to have to make a fairly substantial change to our newsletter signup form in order to get ISPs like COX to start accepting our email again. It turns out some immature 13 year olds keep subscribing people to our "Gay and Lesbian" newsletter and our "Large and Lovely" newsletter in order to harass them. Why people would do this is just beyond me. Surely there are far better ways for people to spend their time.

In any case, what it means is I am going to have to switch us over to a confirm-before-subscribed system. If a person wants to subscribe to a newsletter they will get emailed to their address a confirmation link. They have to click that before they are subscribed. And, also, a person can click a button to block those messages going forward. That way if one of these not-old-enough-for-the-internet harassers tries to bother them, the victim can put a stop to it instantly.

It's a shame we have to take this step, because it will mean more hassle for our legitimate members. But it seems to be what is required to demonstrate to COX (and other ISPs) that we take this seriously.

I will let you know when I get that coding change complete, so we can all then test it out. Once that is done, I should be able to talk again with COX and the others and get them to open up the flow of our email again.

As always, ask with any questions!

Thanks in advance,

Lisa Shea, owner


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