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December 17 2009 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings, everyone! To help editors with their holiday shopping, here's the next set of weekly writing winners!

If you're on the list please email me back and let me know what email address to send your $50 Amazon card to, so it gets to you safely!

June 2009
Joanna Czechowska, our British TV editor, is a June 2009 winner! Joanne has written with us since December 2008. If you want to learn about Emma, Black Adder, Dr. Who and all those great shows, Joanna is the person to talk with! Did you know Hugh Laurie from House has a British accent in real life? :)

Lisa Erickson, our Buddhism editor, is our second winner for June! Lisa has been with us since December 2008 as well. Lisa's site provides great information about living in a calm, peaceful, stress-free way - something we can all benefit from!

May 2009
Lisa Beth Voldeck, our Houseplants editor, is a May 2009 winner! She's been with BellaOnline since April 2008. Take a look at her Poinsettias article for a perfect example of how to provide great content to readers! She displays an image of the plant, perfect instructions for their care, and great related links!

Mary-Anne Durkee, our Thai Food editor, is the second winner for May! She joined us in February 2005. Her recipes are always mouth-wateringly good and provide fascinating background information! Give them a try!

April 2009
Deena Budd, our Paranormal editor, is the winner for April 2009! She's been writing with us since January 2008. Her articles are fascinating and sometimes a little spooky!

Kim Kenney, our Museums editor, is the second winner for April! Kim's been with us since October 2004. Everyone should visit their local museums - they are a wealth of cool things to see and learn about. Kim gives you all sorts of helpful information about what to see and when to go!


If you missed Monday's message, to help encourage the weekly writing skill, we randomly select winners from all editors who write for 3 months in a row. We describe it all here -



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and make sure I'm following your account. If I'm not, please send me an email message with your Twitter name and I'll follow you right away! That way I can see your posts and know to retweet you!

Have a great day!

Lisa Shea, owner


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