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December 19 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I apologize for being sluggy - this walking pneumonia thing still has a grip on me. I'm working to get through my email and caught up with everyone.

A writer I know and I have been talking via email about marketing a book’s free giveaways. You can’t just make something free and hope it sells itself :). You have to promote that book! It still has to get found by people, so they know it’s free to grab. That then boosts sales of the book long term, and also encourages those readers to read your other works.

Today I’m doing a free giveaway for Sworn Loyalty, my fade-to-black romance –


Here’s what I’ve done.

I listed it on my various Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn feeds. I posted it in my blogs and sent out newsletters. I did it mid-morning so it’d be a “new alert” for readers who were online – not something caught up in their deluge of mail waiting when they first checked their computer. At the same time, I want it early enough so they have time to then forward and share it around with *their* friends while the promo is meaningful.

I then went on GoodReads and posted news about it in I believe eight different groups, including several which specialize in promoting free ebook giveaways. You can see the list of groups I belong to at the bottom of this page –


So some groups are topic-specific like “Clean Romances” and other groups are free-ebook specific. I want to get all sorts of people finding these.

I “boosted” the Facebook post so it is also seen by readers who like to read clean romances, to lure them into downloading it, sharing the news, and liking my fan page.

Let me know if you have other ideas for me to share with the group, and definitely post in our ebook support forum when your own book has a free promotion! We'll all help each other build our fan base and sales.

Lisa Shea, owner


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