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December 30 2009 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever you choose to celebrate! I have had relatives at the house non-stop since before Christmas so I am only starting to catch up with everything. I will try to get all my email caught up soon!

I hope you all enjoyed my postcards and my video greeting!

I ran charity-only ads for the past week to verify we were free of the "virus issues" in the problem ad. I have now proven that it was a Fox ad - for "Curves" of all things - which caused our virus problems. I have shut down Fox completely going forward. If you ever see any issues with our remaining ads please let me know!

A few thoughts as we finish up the remaining days of 2010 -

* If you have a home office, take photos of it! The IRS loves documentation about home offices. If you take a photo every year, it helps to prove to them that this area was really used for your online efforts.

* While you're at it, take a photo of your car. I highly recommend you get a cheap sign / window sticker that promotes a website you make money with. That helps prove your car's mileage can be claimed as a business expense (for business related purposes of course).

* Charity donations are done by year. If you have any charities you want to support - Heifer, ASPCA, etc. - make your donations now. That way they offset your income for this entire year. Evey small amounts help!

In the meantime, here are our weekly writing winners for July, August and September! These editors all wrote every single week for three months straight, and have won a $50 Amazon gift certificate!


Our first winner for July is Erika Lyn Smith who has written for our ADD site since August 2008! Our ADD visitors most definitely need constant support and help to work through their ADD issues!

Our second July winner is Maureen Wood, our Large & Lovely Editor! Maureen has been with us since December 2003! The Large & Lovely site has a special place in my heart, I am so thrilled that we are helping women of a certain size feel happy, accepted, and loved :)


Our first August winner is Clyde Higa, our Bowling editor! Clyde has written with us since April 2007. I love bowling and sadly my boyfriend Bob won't bowl with me. I will have to find some local bowling friends. In the meantime Clyde keeps me virtually entertained!

Our second winner is well known to us all - Lynne Chapman of the Christian Living site! Not only has Lynne written
about Christian Living since August 2002, but she has also written about Hair as a founding editor since February 2002! Lynne maintains both sites fabulously and finds time to be helpful, patient and calm in the forums as well. Lynne well deserves a holiday bonus!


Our first September winner is Sadhana Ginde - our Indian Food editor! She's been writing with us since December 2006. I adore Indian food and have multiple packages of palak paneer, samosas and pakoras in my freezer right now. If you haven't tried Indian food lately, I definitely recommend swinging by Sadhana's site. It is very tasty!

Our second winner in September is Reshma Vyas with Home Finance. Reshma has written with us since October 2008. If there's any site in here that is a must-read, Reshma's site ranks very high on that list for all of us. With the tough economic times we're going through, Reshma provides great advice and personal support for home finance issues. Get that budget in order for 2010, and find your way towards financial stability!

If you are one of the winners, please email me and let me know what email address I can send the Amazon gift certificate to. That way it gets to you quickly and safely!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Lisa Shea, owner


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