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December 31 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

We're reaching the end of 2013! I imagine this year had its share of good moments and not-so-great times for all of us. The end of the year is the perfect time to learn, grow, and prepare for a wonderful new start.

We all renew and rebuild ourselves every day. The past can't be changed. The future can't be touched! All we can work with is the moment we are in.

As we begin in 2014 I'll share a number of ideas on setting up a vision statement, developing priorities, managing time, and organizing your world so it helps you reach your dreams. For now, though, it's time to rest, relax, and absorb all that 2013 has taught you.

Celebrate the successes. It's those steps of progress that build up your stamina and strength to keep going forward. Even if they're small, count them as great moments. If they're huge, even better! List them out. Shout them out loud!

Learn from the hurdles. Life tosses us issues to help us learn and grow. We all stumble occasionally, and that's ok! Find the lesson in each situation. That will help you be stronger and more prepared for the future, which is a good thing. Pretty much all famous successes, like Rowling, or Edison, or Einstein, came after they had a series of hurdles. They picked themselves up, looked at how to improve, and plowed ahead. The result was a triumph!

So review what went on, soak it in, and then smile. Celebrate the delight of a new year beginning. 2014 will be our best year every, and together we will lift each other to thrive and shine :).

Happy 2014!!

Lisa Shea, owner


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