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December 8 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

As we prepare for prime holiday buying season, it's a perfect time to tweak your shop and make sure you have all your reviews listed in it! You can see all editor shops by clicking on "shops" on the top right of any page on BellaOnline. There are links there to both editor's site-related shops as well as their personal shops.

Shops are how you organize all your reviews into one easy-to-find spot. If you're a full editor and need any help with your shop, be sure to contact Jilly - EditorHelp@BellaOnline.com - she is your support person to help with any and all questions!


Kindle is offering HUGE incentive - both monetary and publicity wise - for authors to put their books into the Kindle Lending Library. They're doing a "share of the pie" system where they put a huge amount of money into the pot and whoever participates gets a piece of it. Meaning early adopters get huge rewards because the big pie is only being cut into a few slices. Here's the catch. Your ebook can ONLY be on Kindle for 90 days.

If you're willing to have your book just on Amazon for 90 days, I definitely recommend doing this, at least right now while they're ramping up and few others are in the system. This is when the benefits are highest, when there is little competition from other books and few people to share in the money pile. If you go into your Kindle admin area you'll see the option to sign up. If your ebook isn't on Kindle yet, now is the time to work on that!

With any questions about ebooks or self publishing, post in the forums and we'll help get you going.


Many editors have been asking about the load times for Kindle / CreateSpace / Lulu / etc., to plan out their ebook projects. Here's what I've seen so far with my novels I've been publishing in December.

Seeking the Truth Kindle
Loaded - 11/30/11, went live 12/1/11. I enabled it in the Library this morning and it's already live in the library.

Seeking the Truth Paperback
Loaded - 11/30/11, went live 12/5/11 but apparently I didn't do something right here which might have caused a delay. I'll have to see how quickly future paperbacks go live for more accurate details. Also, this isn't "tied" to the Kindle book yet. They are separate items. I will report back when they tie together, to show how long that takes.

Knowing Yourself Kindle
Loaded 12/7/11, went live 12/8/11. I enabled it in the library this morning (right when I saw it was live) and it's already live in the library.

Knowing Yourself Paperback
Loaded 12/7/11, still not live. This could take until Monday, we'll see.

I had loaded Seeking the Truth onto the Apple / Barnes & Noble stores, and they just came back with an error. Because of this Kindle Library situation, I will not fix the error for 3 months :) I.e. I won't let it go live for 3 months so I can take advantage of the Kindle offer. However in terms of timing that seems to indicate that it would have taken a week to go live there.


Our first November 2010 winner is Karen Hancock from our Desserts site! Karen has been with BellaOnline since 2008. If there's a perfect topic for the holidays, it's desserts! This is our time to share in home-cooked goodness with our family and friends.

Our second winner is Alissa Moy from our Preschool Education site. Alissa's been writing with us since February 2010. She helps keep tykes educated, entertained, and building their enthusiasm for life.

Congratulations to Karen and Alissa! Please contact me with your chosen Amazon email account so I know where to email the gift certificate and have it safely reach you! Thanks!

I do still have an email backlog, so if you are waiting to hear from me on something, I am working hard to get that caught up soon! It's finals week for me in my online school, so this week is a tough one, but once I get through the weekend things should quiet down a lot :)

I hope you are having an enjoyable holiday season!

Lisa Shea, owner


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