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February 1 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Our voting is complete for choosing our weekends for San Diego and London this year! For San Diego CA, we will be meeting there the weekend of July 15-17. For London UK, we'll be meeting there the weekend of August 5-7! Mark your calendars, and start saving your pennies for two amazingly fun times!

I know many editors have been directly emailing me ideas for hotels. It's time for us to start consolidating our notes in one place! I've begun two fresh threads, one for each gathering. Let's brainstorm for a month about different hotels we could stay in. Be sure to read the hotel FAQ in the meeting area of the admin site to keep in mind the requirements we have. For example, it needs to be handicapped accessible! We do have editors in wheelchairs and with mobility issues. Then in March we can whittle our lists down to the main 4-5 of them and vote!


Michelle is back from sabbatical - hurrah! She will be taking over all editors who are in the "Launch" stages. Please give Michelle some time to catch up on where everyone is at! Jill will be staying in charge of the Training area full time. This means our current management roster is:

Lisa (me)
site owner
technical issues, ad issues

training and editor help
all training; general support for fully graduated editors

general support for editors in launch stages

graphics and forum issues

inspiration, support and encouragement for ebooks

ideas for livening them up, info on how to schedule them

To see an up to date list of managers, with their names, email addresses, and areas they cover, you just need to go to the Editor Assistance site and click on our faces!



I have begun to set up a Social Networking admin area to help you promote your Twitter, Facebook, and other feeds to our community and the world! You can find it on your main admin menu, in the bottom right. I currently have it coded to handle both your Site Twitter feed as well as all your personal Twitter feeds that you wish to get publicity for. Please poke around in that area and let me know what you think! As soon as we get 5 or more site twitter entries in that list I'll start hooking it into the live site so we start encouraging our visitors to use those links. I'm very open to feedback, so let me know if you have any ideas!

Have a great day! We just got another 8" of snow here, on top of the 3' of snow that was on the ground. More snow is coming tomorrow :) Soon I'll be completely snowed in!!

Lisa Shea, owner


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