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February 1 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Jeanne, our Resources manager, will be taking a vacation for 2 weeks. I'll be watching the resources@bellaonline.com email stream, so any questions about graphics, forums, or photos should still get sent to that email address. I'll handle them while she's out!


We had a wonderful chat last night and covered a variety of topics - traffic building, social networking, ebooks, courses, and much more. It ran over four hours. I definitely recommend reading the log and getting ideas on how to improve your web projects, both here at BellaOnline and elsewhere. The logs are all in the Editor Assistance site. On that site go under the Forum & Chat subject area, and you'll find the chat logs in there sorted by date.

One of the things we talked about in the chat was Pinterest. This is a very easy to use social networking tool that focuses on images. Here is a quick summary. When you sign up with Pinterest, they give you a browser tool. So any time you're surfing the web and you see an image you like, you click a button to in essence "save it on your virtual cork board".

So let's say I was planning to redo my bedroom. As I surfed the web, any time I saw ideas I liked, I'd pin them to my corkboard. It would be a way for me to organize all those images that I was interested in.

A bride-to-be could pin all her potential wedding dress ideas. A crafter could pin all the craft projects she'd like to try.

How this helps in terms of traffic building is this. Let's say I ran the twins site. I could make a board of "cute twin outfits". In my random web roamings, when I saw a twin outfit I liked I'd add it to that collection. Because these collections are public, other twin lovers would see what I was doing and "follow" me to see what else I put onto my board. And because I'm drawing in lovers of twins, now they see my profile and come read my articles too.

Or, let's say I sell origami. I would be pinning images of origami that appealed to me, including my own origami. Then other people who found my origami photos would realize that I sell origami and order it from me.

Pinterest is all about images. So for some editors this might not apply - and for other editors it might be absolutely perfect. A dogs editor could get oodles of traffic pinning dog images. A quilting editor could collect beautiful quilt designs.

Brainstorm in our blogs forum to see how this might apply to you!

The nice thing here is that this doesn't take any extra "work". It's about collecting images from pages you're already surfing. You're organizing your own interests. It's like bookmarking the web sites, but with images instead of words.


Our first August winner is Sandra Eggers, our Tennis editor! Sandra's been with us since 2007 and in 2011 she re-took-over the Tennis site. She's very experienced with tennis and is a wonderful resource to learn more about this fun sport.

Our second winner is Sharon Michaels, our Business Coach editor. Coincidentally enough, Sharon also began with us in 2007 and took over this site in 2011 :). Sharon has awesome information on getting your business running smoothly - be sure to post in her forum with questions!

Sandra and Sharon, email me to let me know what email address you'd like your gift certificates to be sent to!

Lisa Shea, owner


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