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February 12 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

We have some amazing congratulations to give! We have seven editors who have been with us for a full ten years, which is a spectacular length of time for any person to do anything :) Those editors are

Gillian Buchanan - Classical Music
Lynne Chapman - Christian Living
Melissa Knoblett-Aman - Catholicism
Megan McConnell - Embroidery
Monica Neave - Exercise
Cathy Spearmon - Childrens Movies
Jeanne Egbosiuba Ukwendu - African Culture

A warm round of applause to these seven editors for supporting our community and helping our visitors for such an impressive length of time. They are inspirations to us all!


Many editors are finding great success with promoting their topic areas with a Facebook fan page. If you haven't created a Facebook fan page yet, swing by the blogs forum to learn how. It's very easy, and it can bring in a lot of traffic.

Whether or not you have a Facebook fan page, we definitely suggest promoting your articles on our BellaOnline Facebook page. All you need is a Facebook account to do this - you don't need anything else. You simply cut and paste your article URL into the status box and it gets broadcast to our entire fan base. This gets you great traffic! Again, post in the blog forum if you need help and we'll step you through it.

Please remember to only make one post a day, and to have it point at your BellaOnline website. That way everyone gets a turn, and we make it clear that this is all about BellaOnline content!

Our page is here -


A few tips about your posts:

* People like quotes. If you scan the fan page, you'll see that quotes get a lot of attention. They get far more "likes" than any other type of post. So when you're posting a link to your article, consider having your "intro blurb" for it be a related quote. People will then like and share the quote, which will also like and share your related article. You can see an example of a quote intro to an article promo with the "Healthy Blood Pressure Chart" item on our fan page.

* Be sure to use the intro spot! Yes your article promo itself will come with its normal blurb, and that's fine. But give it an interesting introduction. Give people a reason to share it. The posts that are shared are the ones that reach a wider and wider audience! So if you're writing about ways to reuse empty milk gallon containers, your intro blurb could read "Be sure to share this with any friends who drink milk, so they get cool ideas for helping our environment!" The more that people like and share your entry, the more reads it will get, and the more traffic you'll receive.

* Have each article stand alone. This is a mantra on the web. Never have "continued" or "part 2" or other similar text in any title or description. People won't click to get half way into a story. Have each article seem a standalone valuable item. If you have a three part interview with JK Rowling for length reasons, that's fine! Just label them:

JK Rowling Interview - Her Characters
JK Rowling Interview - Building a Plot
JK Rowling Interview - Handling Criticism

That way each promotion seems interesting and draws readers in. This can be done with any topic and any multi part series!

Post in the blogs forum if you have any questions. Using the BellaOnline Facebook feed is an incredibly easy way to draw readers into your site!


Our first October winner is Les Shulman of our Mexican editor! Les began in October 2010 and provides fascinating information about the beautiful country he lives in.

Our second winner is Laun Dunn, who writes for our spinning site. Laun joined us in April 2011. Spinning is a fascinating topic - a spinning wheel has been part of our culture for centuries! It's a fun hobby to look into that can keep you clothed and even in extra income.

Congratulations to Les and Laun! Please write me with your personal email address you'd like me to send your gift certificate to. Enjoy!


Yes I still have a mail backlog :) The mail testing project swamped me a bit. I am diligently working to catch up. If you're waiting on an answer from me, I should get to you soon!

Have a great week!

Lisa Shea, owner


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