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February 16 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I have just made a tweak to the "add an article" code. Here is what the tweak does.

In the past, let's say you were working on the "Add an Article" page, filling in all the various information. When you were done you hit "Add Article" and it added that article to your site. Now let's say you decided to change something so you hit the BACK button, going back to the Add an Article page. You made changes and again you hit the Add Article button. It would then add a second new article to your site with in essence the exact same information.

This was confusing to trainees. Even though the button and page all say 'Add Article', they thought the page would somehow now edit the article.

What I have done is added a safety check when you add articles. If it sees that there's already an article in your site with the exact same title, it alerts you that you're probably making a mistake and double-adding an article. It asks you to check that out.

If you really are creating an entirely separate new article, then you just need to change the title so it's specific to this new article you're creating. That helps ensure your visitors click on the right article in your archives, too.

Hopefully this will help make editors lives easier going forward! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


We're still researching and discussing the various hotel options for our two upcoming gatherings in San Diego and in London! Swing by the Editor Forum to chime in with your ideas - we're hoping to finalize our lists by early March so we can vote on them!


Editors are adding their FaceBook and Twitter pages into the social networking area - take a look and friend them all! This is a great way for us to support each others' efforts. If you haven't gotten a new short-format URL for your Facebook pages, I highly recommend you do that before your desired name is taken! If you're not sure how short-format URLs work in facebook, swing by the Editor Forum and we'll help you figure it out! That way you can get help even if it's for your private pages :)

Have a great day!

Lisa Shea, owner


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