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February 26 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

A reminder that we have an editor chat today, Tuesday, February 26th at 3pm EST! That's in about a half hour. Normally we have chats in the evenings but we're having an afternoon one to mix things up a bit, and see how the time works for everyone :).

Many editors asked for help with organizing their tasks and streamlining their various activities. With all the social networking and marketing now integrated into every web writing and promotion task, it can seem like we need thirty hour days :). I'll help you find ways to make it work well for you!


Many editors have talked with me about their desire to start working on ebooks. Ebooks are definitely the way to go. Once you post an ebook it sends you a regular stream of income. So you post ebook #1, and you get amount X every month. You then post ebook #2, and now you get amount X plus Y every month. The more ebooks you create, the larger the stream of regular income that flows at you without "extra work".

This is the same theory that real estate people follow. They don't try to manually "earn" money in a given month, because the following month they just have to do it again. They're caught in a loop of always working right now and if they get sick or take a break the money stops. Instead, they set up *rental* homes. That way they create recurring income. If they get sick or take a break, the money keeps coming in based on what they set up.

So the key in much of life is to look for all ways to set up recurring income. Yes, you do the work once. You write that content for the ebook once. But with for example a newspaper site that pays you a one-time fee, that money is then gone. Often you lose all rights to what you wrote, too! So then you have to do it again, and again, and you're caught in that rat-wheel.

What you want to do is build a library of content that you OWN. Turn it into an ebook. Now that ebook will sell every month. Then build another set of content and create a second ebook. By the end of a year you have a whole library of ebooks that are drawing in a steady income. And then if you want to take a break, you can! If you want to write more, you can!

The best part is the content on your websites, be it BellaOnline or your other ones, is acting as a powerful magnet to drive people to buy those ebooks. The articles draw in people who are interested in your ebook's topic area. Those people then enjoy your content and buy your ebooks. It all supports each other, and the "work" you have to do gets smaller and smaller to maintain it.

I'm absolutely here to help you with any questions you have! The best place to start is our free ebook course. Log into the member's area with your BellaOnline email. So I'd log in with lowcarb@bellaonline.com. As long as you're at launch level 3, you'll see the ebook course. Go through it, then email me and I'll help you through the process step by step! We have an ebook manager too, Tina at ebooks@bellaonline.com. Together we'll both help you out.

In the meantime, I hope to see you at the chat in a half hour! The link is on your main admin page.

Have a great week!

Lisa Shea, owner


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