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February 28 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

A reminder that we have an editor chat tonight, Monday, February 28th at 9pm EST (so in about 6 hours). The chat will be about the various opportunities to earn an income through BellaOnline's systems. If you have banners and graphics you're currently using, we'll provide feedback! If you don't have any, we'll help you brainstorm!

The link to our chat room is on your main admin menu.

The chat room is currently not hooked into any of our other systems, so just make any new account in there you want in order to log in.

We hope to see you there!


We have two great forums to help you get your world cleaned and organized! They are:



If you've got projects you'd like help with, post and we'll get you going!

I have also created a print-out grid for myself which is really helping me to time manage my days. You can see the grid here, in PDF form -


Let me know if you have any suggestions for that chart!


We had a mail jam this past Friday, where our mail server temporarily got stuck. A few editors emailed me at my BellaOnline email address to tell me about it - and that mail of course promptly stuck in the mail jam :) In the future if you think the mail server is jammed, the easiest way to test it is to go to your contact page on your site and try sending yourself a comment. If you don't get that comment, you know the mail is stuck.

If the mail is stuck please go to my LisaShea.com site. If you forget its name, just google "Lisa Shea" and I'm the top results. Use my contact form to contact me. Since this is a completely different site on a completely different server, the mail will get to me. I'll then know to go reboot the BellaOnline mail server and get it going again!

Thanks so much, and have a lovely day!

Lisa Shea, owner


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