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February 3 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and salutations!

Heads up! Sunday, February 5th, is the final deadline for submissions for the Spring Equinox issue of Mused! We'd love to publish your poetry, plays, photos, drawings, stories, and other artistic projects to our world wide audience. Come on by to learn more!


Let me know if you'd like to join our Mused team! It's very rewarding to help people succeed :)


We talked in our latest chat for a while about Amazon reviews and the benefits of posting reviews on Amazon. Here are just a few.

* Getting Publicity
Let's say you run the dogs site and you review 20 different dog books on Amazon. Dog lovers who are roaming Amazon will keep seeing your reviews, and get curious. They will click on your name to learn more about you. Your profile can say what web sites you write for, so now they find you and follow you there. It's a great way to bring in traffic right in your target audience area.

* Getting Free Items
If you review a bunch of related books on Amazon, publishers of those types of books will see you and want you to review their book as well. You'll begin to get inundated with requests to receive free books and products. Some editors think this is wonderful :)

* Getting Recognition
Some editors simply like having the "top 100 reviewer" badge by their name, to show their achievement!

You *can* post a review on Amazon as well as another site - this is one area where the "duplicate content" issue doesn't really apply. A great way to get started is to go through your own library and any local libraries near you. The more books you review on a given topic, the more your reputation grows in that area!

Weekly Writing

Our first September 2011 winner is Dawn Engler, our Alaska editor! Dawn began with us in March 2011 and writes fascinating articles about this beautiful state.

Our second winner is Elizabeth Stuttard, our Distance Learning editor! Elizabeth joined us in November 2009. I adore distance learning - I am currently earning my bachelor's degree through an entirely online program with Northeastern. Elizabeth's forum is a great resource for sharing ideas!

Congratulations to Dawn and Elizabeth! Both of you, let me know what personal email address you'd like me to send your gift certificates to!

Lisa Shea, owner


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