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March 14 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

BellaOnline offers a wide range of advertising opportunities for our editors to earn money with, from bottom-of-article ads to ebook sales, from footer banner promotions to newsletter ads. We have just added in a fresh, new course to help editors take full advantage of all of our opportunities!

The three courses now in the BellaOnline training network which help you maximize your income efforts are:

* Advertising Course - unlocks after basic training. Helps you learn about our basic advertising guidelines, what types of ads we allow, links, recommended products, and more.

* Review Writing Course - unlocks after basic training. Helps you learn how to craft FTC-legal reviews which will entice your readers.

* Promotion Course - unlocks after Launch Level 3 (i.e. when you're a fully fledged editor). Helps you learn about banner ads, newsletter ads, social networking, and other advanced advertising opportunities.

All three courses have been polished up and expanded. This is the perfect time to sweep through them, see what's been added, and maximize your revenue both here and at all websites you maintain!

The type of information we present in these courses is the same type of material we use to hand approve the clients that are shown on the BellaOnline site network. That way we know we are all on the same page and supporting the same healthy atmosphere for our visitors!

So you can see how this all works, once you graduate from the basic Advertising course you'll now unlock a free $50 credit in our BellaOnline advertising network! You'll be able to run banner ads on the tops and sides of our BellaOnline pages. Note again that this is completely free. We never charge "overages" here at BellaOnline. So unlike other sites that bait you in with an offer and then hit you up for additional fees, your ad run is completely free :) No strings attached, it's a gift!

The link to your free credit, with the logon name and password, is under "Shops / Products" on the right side of your main admin menu. Again just go through the Advertising course to unlock the link, so we know you understand our basic rules, and you'll be all set!

Trainees - you'll get access to this link once you graduate from basic training. That advertising course - and the matching review course - both unlock when you graduate from the basic training program.

We would *love* feedback on the new versions of our advertising course, review writing course, and promotion course. We would also love feedback on how the advertising system itself works, once you get in there! Please let me know if you have any suggestions on any of these areas - we strive to improve the site every day!

Have a great week :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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