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March 20 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

The Spring Equinox is here! Actually it happened at 7:02am for me, and I was sound asleep :) But that's OK, I'm sure I was having a delightful dream! Now it's time to celebrate.

A heart-felt kudos goes out to the members of our Mused team. These enthusiastic editors peruse through the submissions for each issue and choose out those they feel connect most closely with them. The results are stunning! If you'd like to join our Mused team, we'd love to have you. Just drop me an email and I'll get you started! No experience is necessary - we love bringing on new team members.

Here's the write-up for our Spring Equinox issue of Mused!


Seven is a lucky number in many cultures. There are seven stunning wonders of the world. We bask in seven shimmering colors of the rainbow. The Chinese have seven gods. In the Bible, Jericho is circled seven times. We each have seven chakras which bring us energy. And today, Mused turns seven! Welcome to our seventh year of the Mused Literary Magazine. We're thrilled to have you in our community!

Our seventh season is full of insight and illumination. A transcendently beautiful cyclamen bud swirls in seven shades of peach. Seven poignant syllables illustrate the end of a moth's brief, incandescent life. Seven stanzas explore the nature of redemption.

Sometimes seven can define our world. A convict's claustrophobic cell is only seven feet wide. For one girl, the Seventh of July becomes a day she can never forget. Church bells chime out the seventh hour over a sleepy town.

Enjoy the richness of spring, and bring the beauty, joy, and magical quality of seven into your own life. The world spreads out before you, ready for you to embrace it. Cherish your insights. As author Sharon Salzberg reminds us, "pay attention to them with as much balance and compassion as possible." They are there to lift you, to help you grow and find your serenity.

Read the Spring Equinox 2013 Issue of MUSED here:



Spring is a great time to declutter, refresh, and take the first step toward your goals. Come on by the forums and we'll lend a hand!


Lisa Shea, owner


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