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March 26 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I have a few messages from editors pending, so if you're waiting for a response from me, I'll get to it shortly! I'm in final's week for school so things are a little backed up. I'll get through this soon :)

I did want to make sure I got a message out to everyone about a great new option we'll be making available to all the ebook-writing editors. Up until now we've only offered PDF versions of our ebooks to our visitors. While PDFs were useful for a while, in our modern world of tablets and ebook readers most people aren't using PDFs any more. Instead they're using EPUB files. I explain this with visuals here -


Shortly I'm going to put live code that lets us offer EPUB options for our ebooks. It's up to each editor if they want to create and sell the EPUB version alongside their PDF. I do highly recommend it, because once you make that EPUB you can then pop it for free into the Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kindle systems and start drawing in money from those large audiences.

So again this is totally optional, and it's a great way to draw in more readers and income, whichever you're looking for.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Our first February 2012 winner is Violette DeSantis, our Blogs and Social Networking editor. Violette joined us in August 2011. If you have any questions about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other marketing tools, Violette's forum is the place to go!

Our second winner is Candace Walker, our Gospel and Christian Music editor. Candace has been writing with us since June 2003. Candace opens our eyes to a beautiful set of musical options.

Woo hoo! We're all caught up! Congrats to Violette and Candace - please email me your personal email address so I know where you want me to send the Amazon gift certificate to. Enjoy!

I'll work on getting all my email caught up in the next few days. Have a great week!

Lisa Shea, owner


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