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March 27 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Sadhana, our Training Manager, is on a well deserved vacation until April 2nd. Please contact me directly in the meantime if you have any questions or comments about the training program and I will be very happy to help out! I am also keeping an eye on the training@bellaonline.com email in case questions come in there.

I've been working closely with Sadhana over the past weeks to help see where trainees tend to get confused currently. It seems that one prime area is with our zzzRecycled subject system! For those who aren't using it, zzzRecycled is a way to store unwanted links until they're used again. It can get quite confusing for a new trainee to figure out.

I'm in the process of simplifying that process. Going forward, if you have a link in a Subject area you want to remove, here's what to do:

* Go to Manage Subjects on the left of your main admin menu
* Click on the number of links by the subject that holds the link you want to remove
* Click on the specific link you want to remove
* From the "Subject Category" choose the new very bottom entry which says "zzzRECYCLETHISLINK".
* Click Save

Voila! The link is now gone from your site! You no longer need a zzzRecycled subject, so I've removed those from your site. This should make managing your subjects much easier! No more zzzRecycled folder, no more figuring out how to use it!

I've also tweaked the related links area, at the bottom of the articles, to help ensure it only has links to related BellaOnline content. Some trainees were mistakenly thinking that was the place to put in ad links, which was very confusing! This way the system will give a helpful prompt and direct them to the advertising course to learn how to set up recommended products, article-bottom ads, and all the various ways we handle advertising here!

If you have any questions with either change or run into any errors in either area, please email me directly! Please don't post errors in the forums as I won't see them in a timely fashion - please send me an email so I can jump on the change right away and get it fixed for everyone as soon as possible!


Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd - about a month away! The Green Team is planning our next release of our free ebook on living a green life, and we're planning other BellaOnline related treats as well! If you'd like to join our Green Team now is the perfect time to do so! There's a link on your main admin menu to join us - we'd love to hear your ideas and build a greener world together!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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