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March 3 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

We are just finishing up with a transition in the manager area!

Michelle, who had been with us for many years, has become very busy with her home life and is focusing on that for now. We wish her the best of luck with her family and know she will thrive and succeed!

Jill will now be handling Launch and Editor Assistance. This covers in essence all editors who are out of the initial basic training stage. I will be helping Jill catch up with the Launch graduation reviews. If you're waiting on a graduation review to move you to the next stage of launch, or out of launch to becoming a full Editor, I should get to you in the next few days to do that review!

We'd like to offer a warm welcome to Sadhana Ginde, our Indian Food editor, who is now our Training Manager! Sadhana has been with BellaOnline since 2006 and has been a mentor for many of those years. Sadhana has rave reviews as a mentor and we know she will be an awesome Training Manager for our training program! Please send Sadhana a warm welcome message to cheer her on!

You can always find all Manager contact information in the Editor Assistance site -


Monday Editor Chat Log

There was an odd glitch in the system on Monday and I was only able to get the last hour of our Editor Chat log. For the editors who attended - did any of you grab a log of the part you were there for? If so could you please email that to me? I'll put together as much of the verbatim log as I can, recreate the rest from memory, and post that as soon as I can. Thanks!

BellaOnline Vision Board

We have immense fun in the forums talking about vision boards and posting what our vision boards look like. You can see one of those discussions here -


I think it would be great if as an Editor Community we created a BellaOnline vision board of what we wanted to achieve here! Each editor could submit an image that's important to them. It could be a word or phrase, a color to use as a background, an image, or anything else! If you have an image you can either send one along that you want us to use, or you could describe what you want to see and I'll track an image down to use.

Email me along your thoughts, words, colors, images, and other items, and I'll start constructing it! We can work on it and tweak it as we go!

Lisa Shea, owner


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