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March 30 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and salutations!

I'm thrilled that so many of you are happy with the zzzRecycled upgrade! It's much easier for everyone and that is our goal here - to make your life more easy!

I received some suggestions to do something similar for the subjects as a whole. That is, the method previously used for removing a subject from your site was fairly tedious. So I have made that easier as well!

If you now edit one of your subjects, you'll see at the bottom of the admin page I explain how to remove it. It needs to be empty, of course, and then you just push the button. Voila! It'll be removed from your site! Quick and easy. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions. With your help we will make BellaOnline even better!


Much of what we do here at BellaOnline is listen to your feedback and then tweak the system to help it run more smoothly. We do a lot of that during the training process - we are constantly in touch with our trainees to find out what they get stuck on - but we want to make sure that long term editors are just as encouraged to help us improve! If anything you long term editors are the ones who know how the system works, know what the more challenging areas are, and can give suggestions on how to improve things.

I know sometimes it might feel that polishing the admin area isn't nearly as important as our overall goals of supporting charities, for example. But they are all based on each other! If our admin area doesn't work as smoothly as it can, it impedes our efforts to support charities to our fullest extent.

I've written about the ideas of hierarchies of goals - both for a single person and for a community here -


This includes a custom made BellaOnline Hierarchy of Goals pyramid! Please send along feedback on what it says - I'd love to make sure it reflects what all of us feel about what we do here! And definitely always feel encouraged to send along suggestions, either directly to me or anonymously via the editor site. We'd love to hear your feedback!


In two days we hit April Fools on April 1st. Jeanne our African Culture editor has created a simply *hilarious* article for the day, all about pigmy giraffes -


She made those images herself and the article is amazing. I'll definitely be featuring that. Look at how it combines right-hand images that smoothly flow with the text, enough "factual" information to make it seem plausible, and the two external links at the bottom. Even better, she links to two related articles she wrote so that all the traffic she gets in from this then keeps on reading her other more realistic content.

If you've got an April Fool article ready to be promoted on Friday, please let me know, I'll definitely be sending out a newsletter!

Happy Spring everyone!

Lisa Shea, owner


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