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March 9 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I'm thrilled to announce a new member of our management team - Dianne Walker! Dianne is now handling the launch area - the three step process where trainees are supported as they become full editors. Dianne runs our Career Training and Job Search sites and has incredible experience in helping people thrive. She is settling in and doing an awesome job!

Note that we are transitioning her in gradually. Launchees who have been turned over to her care have gotten that notice during a graduation stage. Launchees who are working with me to graduate from a level will still stay with me until they reach that graduation, and then they'll be turned over to Dianne for the next stage.

If you are a launchee and have any questions about your status, please email me! I'm happy to help clarify. For now, both Dianne and I are receiving the launch@bellaonline.com email to support each other while we finish the transition.

You can always see all managers and their contact information by clicking the bio link on the Editor Assistance site -



I'm also happy to announce that I finally have fully caught up on my email backlog! If you had a question pending with me, and you haven't heard back, please write me afresh and I'll work to find you a solution quickly!


For editors who are visually oriented, pinterest is a wonderful social networking site to promote your visual images and draw traffic in. This is great for recipe sites, craft sites, travel sites, animal sites, and more. If you're not sure if pinterest could help you out, read about it in our blogs forum -


I have now added pinterest to our social networking admin area. The social networking link is in the bottom right of your admin page. If you have a pinterest page, add it to that listing so other fellow editors can follow and support you. Once I get a bunch of us in there I'll start listing the links on our site pages.

I know sometimes it can seem that there are lots of social networking sites to keep track of. This is a specialized one that is solely about images. So for some editors it might not apply - but for other editors it might be the best of them all. Again, come to the forum and we'll help explain where you might fall in the mix.


Dawn, our Alaska editor, has fascinating information to share with us about Twitter!

"The company I work for provides products to coffee shops to keep all of us caffeine addicts going. One of our clients is a cupcakery along with selling mean espressos! The owner "tweets" all day long about cupcake of the day, what is coming up for their location, get your orders in for valentines, etc, etc. To prove the power of twitter, she was invited to enter the Cupcake Wars and the taping of her show airs this Sunday! According to the press, while Cupcake Wars usually picks the entrants for show based on reviews, and entries sent in, Cupprimo was the first shop picked because of the owners' unique and unrelenting daily "tweets" about her cupcakes!"

"How's that for proof in the pudding? Or cupcake as this case may be!"

You never know who might be listening to your tweets!


Our first December winner is Christine Phillips, our Child Loss editor. Christine began with us in January 2011. She writes incredibly powerful stories about what it is like to lose a child. She is helping readers around the world cope with their own tragedies.

Our second winner is Debra Kelly, our Dogs editor. Debra began in June 2011. She writes awesome content on our loyal companions and their tender care.

Congratulations to Christine and Debra! Please contact me with your personal email address, so I know where to send the Amazon gift certificate. Enjoy!

Lisa Shea, owner


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