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March 9 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Several editors have asked for ideas in boosting one's energy and motivation. One idea that many editors have shared is to build a bolstering center. What works best varies from person to person, so be open to trying a variety of techniques until you find the one that clicks best with you.

The idea here is that life already "drains" us enough. There are plenty of people around pointing out our faults or reminding us of what we do wrong. In many cases we have heard these things so many times that we start saying these things to ourselves.

Counteract that. Build a way to remind yourself of what you do WELL. This is just as important. By reminding yourself of your strengths, you become more able to use them and to reach your goals. You grow to believe that you *can* achieve that task. It becomes easier to go when you have that mental energy. That then saves you oodles of time because you're not procrastinating and you do it more quickly.

Some people use a corkboard with certificates and signs. Some create an area of a bedroom or office. Some create a binder with diplomas and thank-you letters. If you get supportive email messages, print those out. You can make a desktop background JPG with images of your triumphs.

There's so many amazing milestones and goals we celebrate that we don't get anything "tangible" for. Create those items. You can make your own certificates, either by hand or with PhotoShop or Word. Your mind reacts powerfully to these kinds of images. By feeding it symbols of your past achievements, you reinforce to it that it can tackle future projects and succeed.

I have a thread here for us to share ideas -


Help buffer your mind against the drain of the world. You deserve it!


Many editors asked for more details about running a Facebook launch party. I am going to throw one on March 15th at 9pm EST for my upcoming Aspen Allegations murder mystery, and I am documenting the process step by step for you here -


So far the tricky part was creating the banner image with the exact right dimensions to both fill the full top area and to create a proper thumbnail image. I give all the details there. I'll list each step I go through and the things to watch for when doing them. Chime in with all the questions you want and I'll help out! That way when you're ready to do your own launch party you'll have a step by step manual to make it easy for you :).

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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