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April 11 2017 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I know we've talked a lot about Facebook recently. It's time to mention Twitter. If you don't have my Twitter ebook yet, let me know if you'd prefer it in MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (iTunes), or PDF (generic). Twitter is free, easy to use, and its reach is VAST.

I've been watching the recent PR fails by Pepsi, United, and Spicer. I made a non-political post which said:

"Kids in high school! Please go to college to learn #PublicRelations - us adults desperately need help!! United CEO Sean Spicer flailing ..."

I used the phrases "United CEO" and "Sean Spicer" in my post because those were the top two phrases trending on Twitter at the time.

It's only been up for 2 hours and already it's received over 60,000 views. It's been shared out over 123 times and the number keeps rising. That then means all sorts of new followers for me and attention for my books.

You don't have to be political. It's OK to avoid politics. If you spot issues which are of concern to everyone out there, and mention them in an eye-catching way, you can then get lots of attention for those posts. That then translates to a lot of free publicity for your cause.

It's important to do these things live. As you can see from the post itself -


I then got responses which I responded to. It's those responses which really drive a viral post. They know it's actually a human being who is posting and not some sort of a robot. So strive to make your posts live and not via some sort of an automated unit.

I highly recommend you make a Twitter account. Let me know when you do, so I can help publicize it. Then make posts about your own projects - and intersperse posts about popular topics. My ebook explains how to do this.

You can reach tens of thousands of people quickly, easily, and for free!

Ask with questions :).

Lisa Shea, owner


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