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April 16 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I just finished integrating anti-spammer code into our forums. Out of our last batch of user sign-ups in the forums, 76 were valid humans and 68 were known spammers. Those spammers are getting enthusiastic :).

With the new forum code, we will auto-block the known spammers from ever signing up. We can still of course get a person who hasn't spammed before and decides to start with us. Please use the "ALERT" button on their posts as you always have, and Jeanne or I will delete the spam and ban them. Now we will also be adding them to the master anti-spam database, so we help other forums in the world also know about them. It's so nice when forums can help each other to fend off spam!

So this should mean our forums are even more friendly and supportive than ever, as we keep out the known spammers!

Speaking of the forums, I've just posted a brand new FREE book listing in the Editor Forum. It has a bunch of new books on it plus some DVDs as well. Please take a look and let me know which ones you'd like me to mail to you. Thank you to everyone for helping me clean out my office area! The piles of books are slowly reducing. I may be able to walk through it again soon.

My editor email backlog is now caught up! If you had a question for me and didn't get a response, please write me again and I'll get to you as quickly as I can. I do have a few launch reviews to do, so I'll be working on those later today after I get some sleep.

Have a lovely day!


Lisa Shea, owner


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