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April 18 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I just finished a large set of updates to our pages to help us get found and ranked even better by Google. This is something I suggest everyone with their own websites also do to their own sites.

In essence it's about ensuring all your articles on a site link properly to the "about me" page of that site. We have always done that. Next you link that About Me page to your Google+ profile. Then you link your Google+ profile to that About Me page. By creating this "loop" you prove to Google that you are a real human. Google then rewards all the content with a higher ranking.

On BellaOnline, I've done the work for you. You just need to add two things.

1) In the admin menu, go to the Social Networking area and insert your Google+ user ID. That way your About Me page links to that ID.

2) In Google+, link your profile to your BellaOnline About Me page (the bio page). That way Google knows the links really do connect to each other.

That's it! Now your entire library of content is validated by Google and gets a higher ranking.

To get more details, and to learn how to do this to your own websites you write, I have it explained step by step here -


Feel free to post in the Blogs/SocialNetworking forum or to ask me if you have questions about how this works and why it's important.

Several editors had asked me to create a "Marketing" page so that all these various promotional streams - Twitter, Google, Newsletters, Forums, etc. - could be on one easy to use page. That way promoting an article could be quick and easy. I've done that!

Now when you save an article, you'll be brought to its Marketing page. You'll have all the links you need right there in front of you. You can just hop down the list, copying and pasting a few things, and be done in a minute or two. This can easily double or triple your traffic, if not more. The effort you put into writing the article gets rewarded by having it help thousands of readers.

You can also get to the marketing page for any existing article by editing it. The link to its marketing page is there on the edit page.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions about the layout of that marketing page! I want to help make it as easy and simple to use as possible.

Lisa Shea, owner


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