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April 22 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I hope you're all having a wonderful Earth Day! We have begun our thirty days of Earth Day challenges! Start here to see how it works -


Today we're doing the juice / shake challenge. Make just one juice or shake from fresh, wholesome ingredients. It's a great way to reawaken your love of veggies and fruits! You'll see how we offer options for people to participate in whatever system they like the best - Twitter, Facebook, our forums, and so on.

I'm already on shake #2 today, on my quest to do this for a solid week. So far, so good!

Our community has the expanded options to juice-cleanse for a full day, or a full week, but the challenge is just the first one shake. That gets people engaged and interested. I'm hearing from people that they finally went to the store and bought fresh veggies! Hurrah! So often it's that first step that gets them moving. It gets them out of their rut.

Tomorrow we'll be doing a meditation challenge. The challenge will be to meditate for five minutes. Again the idea is to get them started, to take that first little step. We can encourage them to meditate for longer, and to try meditating daily for a week, or so on. But we start with the one small step. They can meditate on a green topic if they want, or meditate in a natural setting, but we start simple :). Get them over that first hurdle.

Susan, our meditation editor, has an awesome article on creating a green roof meditation garden, to go with this challenge -


So that encourages people to dream and take action.

I'm getting the sequence set up for the remaining thirty days of challenges, so be sure to email me with your eco-friendly, earth-happy article that I can include for your topic area!

Also, feel free to chime in on any challenge with your related articles. For example, if you have articles on your own juicing recipes, add them right in to the Facebook thread and forum post on the challenge. That way people can see all the options we offer. And of course if you do the challenge yourself, let us know how it went!

Lisa Shea, owner


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