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April 24 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Our Editor Chat begins tonight at 9pm EST - in about a half hour! I'll be opening up the chat room in a few minutes so anybody who wants to come in now to hang out and chit-chat can do that. That way at 9pm we can start right in on the main topic of YouTube!

YouTube is great for a variety of purposes. You can make how-to videos. You can do tours of local attractions. You can do readings from books. It's perfect for nearly every topic, and for a variety of personal as well as professional projects.

YouTube isn't meant to replace written articles - it's a supplement. Some people like reading words. Some people like watching videos. Just like some people learn best by reading about things, and some people learn best by watching things. The more options you provide as to ways you convey the information, the more likely you are to "connect" with each type of visitor who comes to you. We're all different, and that's great!

If you can't make it to tonight's chat, we'll post a log afterward :).

Tomorrow's Earth Day Challenge will be with Kelly, our Organization editor - it'll be about donating one thing from your closet to charity! Hopefully giving them an easy goal of just one item will encourage them to open that closet door, and then will lead to them making more donations since they're already in there. It's often that first step which is the hardest, and the more we can encourage our fans to get up and take that first step, the rest will follow!

Keep emailing me about your challenge ideas, so I can work them into future days! The key is for them to be topic-related and very easy. We need to think up "low hanging fruit" that every person could do. Then we encourage them to do more after that - but we need them to take that first step!

Lisa Shea, owner


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