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April 25 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

For many, many years - probably 14 - we've used a "mail scrubber" which blocked nearly 90% of incoming mail as spam. This external service went through many name changes and ownership changes over the years, but it always served that same purpose. All incoming mail to BellaOnline.com went through their scrubber so we only got the remaining 10% of messages which were reasonably legitimate. As you guys know, even some of that was spam, but it was only a tiny amount of what was sent to us.

The latest company to own the mail scrubber is now shutting it down.

It's the way of the internet, that products come, thrive, and then go away again. Everything is always changing. It could be that so many people use mail packages with built-in scrubbers now that few people bother with an external one any more.

Over the next day or two I will finish detaching us from that mail scrubber. All mail coming in from visitors will now go directly to our BellaOnline.com mail system. Our mail system does have its own scrubber built in. We'll find out just how good it is :). Please keep an eye on spam for the next few weeks. Let's see how things go. I have a number of things I can tweak in our mail package to make it more or less sensitive.

Also, let me know if the site seems slower in the next few weeks. Our server is going to be doing extra work processing all those new mail messages. We'll see just how much of a load it is. We may have to upgrade our server to handle it.

Life is always changing, and that's what makes it interesting. We've weathered all sorts of things in the past. We'll weather this and move forward!

Ask with any questions :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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