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April 26 2015 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Thank you all so much for your patience during this past month. I know the many site problems have gotten frustrating, especially in the forums. These issues are all a clear indication that we have to get off this current server system.

I have now finished all my key testing with the moving of my other sites. There were a number of minor issues to get figured out and resolved. The other sites are all now running smoothly, solidly, and quickly. This means I am now ready to embark on moving our main BellaOnline systems. The BellaOnline content will move onto its own dedicated virtual server.

This move involves the main BellaOnline website with its admin area, the BellaOnline mail system, and the BellaOnline forums. These move in three separate chunks.

What I'll do in each phase is first shut down the existing area for updates. So, for example, I'll put a note up on the BellaOnline admin area saying you currently cannot update the BellaOnline website. All editing links will be disabled. The site will still be live for visitors - you just won't be able to make changes to it. Then I'll zip up the files and move them over to the new server. I'll unzip them there and put them live there. I'll finally give the command to NetworkSolutions so that the URL BellaOnline.com points to that new system. That command takes anywhere from 1-24 hours to update individual machines around the world. So it could be that an hour later you'll see the new, updatable system. It could be that it takes a day for the change to roll out to you. By the end of the 24 hour period, all machines around the world will see the new version of our site.

The same type of process will go on with the mail and the forums. So in each case there'll be a 1-24 hour period where you won't be able to update the area, depending on how quickly your home machine catches up with the move.

I'll send notes with each stage of the move. When you go to a screen it'll always be clear in the header which version of the page you're on. So you never need to worry about "can I update" - if you're not allowed to update, it won't let you :). It'll say "This site cannot be updated right now" and there won't be any update options. So don't worry about doing anything "wrong" during this process. It will all be automatic.

I know this can be confusing, so please let me know if you have any questions.

Once we are fully on the new server then I'll plow forward with the editor photos and other tasks which have been pending until we were safely on the new, faster servers. I'll also be tackling a new, mobile-friendly design for our website at that point. One thing at a time, though. The most critical task right now is to get us onto a stable, reliable system which works properly for our editors and visitors.

I'll send notes as I start to make the changes! The first step will be the main website with the admin interface, which will start later tonight.

Again, thank you for your patience as we tackle this upgrade!


Lisa Shea, owner


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