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April 5 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

For all trainees, Sadhana is back from her vacation. So you're fine to resume mailing Sadhana again with any training questions or comments. Thank you for handling her vacation so smoothly!

Course Code Update

There was a minor glitch with the course code - if we added additional lessons onto a course you'd already finished, you weren't able to see those additional lessons. I've made an update and I believe you now can get access to the new lessons that were added.

For example, a key course we've recently updated with more lessons is the Advertising Course. It now has step by step instructions on how to make banner images and recommended product images of a perfect size to promote in our system. If you had trouble getting to those new lessons, please give it a try now and let me know if you run into any trouble!

Keep in mind that when we update courses we don't necessarily just add lessons to the very end. Sometimes if we hear from trainees that a given lesson is confusing we will add another lesson in the middle of the course to help explain that topic more fully. So be sure to glance at each lesson in the course - not just the ones at the very end - to see what's new.

Here's an example. Let's say we had a 4 lesson course. We found all the trainees were having problems with lesson 1, that it wasn't clear enough. So we added in a brand new Lesson 2 which gave examples and helped make the material much more clear and easy to understand. The course would now have 5 lessons - but it's not that 5th lesson which is new. It's lesson 2 that is new, and the remaining lessons were all pushed forward one.

So it went from:

Lesson 1: AAA
Lesson 2: BBB
Lesson 3: CCC
Lesson 4: DDD

to being

Lesson 1: AAA
Lesson 3: BBB
Lesson 4: CCC
Lesson 5: DDD

So again if you'd already finished that course, you already read about DDD. When you come back to re-take the course, you'll see that the extra lesson at the end is about DDD - so scan back through the previous lessons to see what was updated in the middle.

I realize this is a little confusing, so feel free to email me if you have questions and I'll try to explain it more fully! The gist is, if you see a course in your listing that now has more lessons, it's worth it to re-scan each lesson from the beginning. That way you can see the things we've added to the new version of the course and refresh your memory!

Just a reminder that Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22nd! If you're a fully graduated editor and would like to join our Green Team, the sign-up link is right on your admin page. We'd love to have you! If you're not able to join the Green Team right now but have some Earth Day ideas for us, please email those along to me! We'd love to have your brainstorming ideas to add in to our mix.

Have a great week!

Lisa Shea, owner


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