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April 8 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I've gotten pretty tightly tethered to my computer, where I don't leave it for the entire day with only quick breaks for food. This isn't healthy for any of us :).

I'm going to be taking a two week de-tethering break. I'll still be checking in each evening, to make sure everything is running smoothly, but I won't be on all day every day like I usually am.

We should all do this occasionally :).

If there is an emergency, please contact Jeanne, Sadhana, Dianne, or Tina - they'll be able to take action. Hopefully everything is nice, smooth, and calm. If the site goes down and you can't find their personal contact, use the Facebook BellaOnline page.

I'm sure things will be fine :).

I definitely recommend short sessions of yoga and meditation each day. One helps your body, and the other helps your mind. The more you can reduce stress and ease aching muscles, the better every part of your life flows!

I know we haven't had an editor chat in a while, since our old chat software failed on us last fall. That'll be high on my list as we head into May, to get a good replacement. I really wanted to try a video chat - those seem so easy to use and let people who don't type quickly participate anyway. I didn't want to use public options like Google Hangouts for security reasons. If we're talking about private issues, like we often do, I wanted to make sure it was all on our servers and within our control. So I'll get that set up and have us test it out in May.

So give thought in these two weeks to your goals and dreams. What would you like help with? What would you love to accomplish by the summer? And together we'll help you get there!

Have a lovely, serene, and restful two weeks :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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