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May 13 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Many editors ask for assistance in sticking with a project, with all the distractions life has to offer. Emergencies come up, Priorities change. How do you motivate yourself to stick with the things you know are important?

We are all different, so each of us needs to try a variety of systems until we find the one that speaks to our own heart. One thing which works well for many people is a vision board. Many editors find that pinterest is a perfect way to build them.

First, do your priority setting. These aren't specific goals like "be able to run a mile". They are overall life priorities like "be healthy". If you don't currently have an overall priority list then I recommend starting here -


Having your priorities written down, and somewhere like your desk or purse or beside, makes enormous difference in ensuring your life's plans stay on track.

Then, look at each priority. So in my case one of my priorities is "Be Healthy". I have the list hanging by my desk :). I made a vision board for it in Pinterest, and filled it with images that spoke to me about this priority. So my Be Healthy vision board is here -


On it I put images that reinforce to me my desire to be healthy.

Each morning I can pop to this page and spend even just a minute soaking in those images. They remind me how much I want to be healthy, and they emphasize my personal ways I love being healthy. That then means, during the day, if an opportunity presents itself to do something, I'm more likely to do that. The human brain is like that. It relates strongly to images, and it keeps them floating around in the brain.

So help your brain! Help your priorities. Make just one vision board, for just one of your priorities. Put it in your "daily looks" tab of your browser so it's easy to get to. And spend even just a minute looking at it each morning. You'll be surprised how much that can help you make choices during the day that meets your own specific priorities!

Let me know if you don't have a pinterest account yet, I'm happy to help. And be sure to add them into the admin area, if you want to share them, so others can support and encourage you!

Lisa Shea, owner


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