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May 29 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I now have the BellaOnline forums secure. You should see a green lock in your browser bar when you visit there:


Please let me know if you do NOT see that green lock. Thank you to the editors who are helping me test the forums. If you have not yet posted in your forum, please do so I can tell that the permissions are all working. Thanks! It should be fully mobile friendly. Let me know if you have any problems on your device.

I am still working on the BellaOnline main site. It does now appear as a secure site -


I haven't gotten the green lock to activate yet, because of the images. Many of the image links are done with the old http:// reference. I am working on that. Related to that, it seems we can't refer to the BellaOnline.us images directly with the BellaOnline.us URL and have them be secure. We need to refer to them as:


So for example


I'm working on a script which will auto-convert the old bellaonline.us names into the new bella.globat.com names. Going forward you can use either format.

If you use images in your article, keep in mind to use a https:// link going forward rather than a http:// link. Ask with questions about this. It's the https:// link which gives us a secure site.

If you don't use images you're all set :).

I will be continuing to work on this project today. I should be done rebooting the server - the tasks that required reboots are now complete. So it's more a lot of grunt-work of me going through all the files on our site and changing any references to them.

I will let you know when I'm done, so we can test that we see the green lock everywhere. And then our site will be secure!

Ask with any questions :).

Lisa Shea, owner


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