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May 29 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

In addition to the main site BellaOnline.COM we also own the websites BellaOnline.NET BellaOnline.ORG and BellaOnline.INFO. We have these under our control so spammers don't take them over and fill them with spam or pornography.

It used to be that these sites were all mirrors of each other. So if you went to



They would both show the same article. One was just on .com and one was on .org.

Google now considers that sort of thing to be "duplicate content" even though clearly it's the exact same website. So I have added code so that whether you start on .com, .org. .net, or .info, you always end up at .com at your destination. You see the article you wanted to see. It is just on .com.

This shouldn't have any impact at all on anything you see or do. It's just for your information, in case you're curious about the different website versions.

Note that we DO have a problem for editors who were using a sitename in their URLs. This would be a name like


The secure server doesn't seem to like that by default. I need to manually add every single site name one by one. If you are using those shortcut names, let me know so I know to add yours first.

Ask with any questions!

Lisa Shea, owner


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