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May 30 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I'm in the process of catching up on my email messages, after the substantial backlog caused by my quadruple course load. I promise never to do that kind of course load ever again :). If you are waiting on a response from me, I should get to you in the next day or two. I'll definitely email everyone once I am fully caught up - that way you know the status.

We are heading into summer now, which is a fantastic time of year! Summer is traditionally the quiet time for the internet. People are outside having fun and enjoying life, which is a good thing! So it's normal if your forum and site are a little quiet for the next month or two.

I heard some good news for those who love their Facebook and Twitter feeds. While the common recommendation used to be to make one post a day to stay within the average person's comfort zone, with so many people using their phones and tablets to stay on line more regularly, the new recommendation is two posts a day. So if you enjoy posting, have at it! You can post fun quotes, recent news, ideas that pop into your mind, and more. We can brainstorm with you in the forums if you'd like ideas.

Those posts help keep your name in your fan club's awareness, so they come to you when they need advice, support, and a shoulder to lean on.

The internet is constantly changing, and that is the fun wonder of it. We live in a very exciting time. If we want to learn about something, we click and can start learning instantly! If we're curious, we can expand our horizons. We have a community around us to learn how to do things well and how to surmount hurdles. Think of all the amazing opportunities we have that our medieval ancestors could never dream of.

I hope you're having a delightful week - and I'll check back in soon!

Lisa Shea, owner


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