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May 30 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

So many books talk about how important it is to occasionally push out of your comfort zone and try something new. It's how our brains stay active and engaged. It's how we learn and grow. Yes it might make us nervous sometimes - and that's OK! It's like a toddler learning to walk. You stumble a few times, you learn, you improve, and you could discover something fantastic!

I just got back from a full day adventure. My boyfriend Bob drove me the three hours into the heart of New York City and my Dad met us there by taking the train. Then I was awarded my two IPPY awards, for my murder mystery and medieval romance novels. I posted a photo on my Facebook page -


If you're not a friend and want to be, click the "friend" button and I'll happily connect you so you can see my posts and updates.

This was definitely outside my comfort zone. I love quiet, rural areas - I tend to get tense in city areas. I also tend to get tense in crowds. I also tend to get tense when all their beady little eyes are staring at me :).

So I had to do a lot of "It will be all right" self-talk for the days up to this. I couldn't sleep much the night before; I had to do my best with soothing scents and so on. And with little sleep I then launched out to do my best.

And it worked out! Sure, my Dad had to have his arm around me for fifteen minutes straight before my name was called to help keep me from shaking more than I was. Sure, he had to go up on stage with me :). But that's OK! I took on the challenge and I made it through. Research shows that tackling little challenges helps strengthen your mind to do better on subsequent ones. The more you practice, the better you get! So all those little challenges add up. They make future challenges just that much easier.

So think, this week, about where you could challenge yourself a little. Is there a project you've been putting off? A goal that seems out of reach? Post in the appropriate forum area to match your challenge, and we'll lend a hand. Taking that tiniest little step can be just what you need!

And again thank you all SO so much for all your support throughout my writing projects. It is due to your encouragement and feedback that I was able to reach this stage! I want to make sure we do the same for each of you!


Lisa Shea, owner


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