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June 27 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

You are important. You are worth keeping healthy. These are a key messages our community encourages each day. Too often we can get caught up in the tasks of the moment, or put others' needs first. We water our favorite plant, or we feed our favorite pet. It's time for us to have that same care and honor for our own bodies.

I've been posting recently on my FaceBook page about my fear of dental procedures but how I felt having my mercury filling removed was important to my health. Many editors contacted me to indicate they had similar situations - they knew they should do something to be healthy, but they were resisting because of a short term fear.

Why do we allow ourselves to get into this trap? If we love to hike, we don't hang up our hiking boots just because we might get a blister. We hike and accept the blister as a momentary hiccup in a healthy task. If we love to run, sometimes we might get a cramp. It goes away, and we keep running! For some reason we accept those trade-offs in leisure activities - but when it comes to our health, which is far more important, we count it as "not a priority."

Really, there is no greater priority than your health.

I decided I needed to face my own fears if I was to be a good role model for everyone, so I went in today and got that mercury out of my head. Was there a moment or two of discomfort? Certainly, but it went away, and now I have a lifetime of better health in front of me. I used yoga and meditation to help - and our editors in those forums would be thrilled to help out other editors.

Let's all do this together. I've proven it's possible. Now it's your turn. Choose a health related task you've been putting off. Is it a dentist visit? A doctor's visit? Whatever it is, modern technology is incredible and your provider will be gentle. Post in the forums if you want, or email me, or make your choice privately, whatever works well for you.

Then take just one tiny step towards reaching that goal. Ask around to find a provider you trust - someone who promises to be gentle and supportive. If you need a check-up, they absolutely have super-gentle dentists who specialize in handling stressed patients. They can even have you sleep through the exam! Whatever it is, we can help you get over that hurdle and on to a healthier you.

Remember, you only have this one body. You need to care for it tenderly, as if it was the most important asset in the world, so that it carries you in a healthy manner for the rest of your long life. You wouldn't want your brain to be ravaged, or have other illnesses strike you, if they were preventable. Now is the time to take that action.

I am thrilled I went in today - and together we can help you reach your own goals!

Lisa Shea, owner


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