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June 30 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings, Editors!

The article listing in your admin area has just been updated to filter by articles written since 2010. It used to filter based on articles since 2009. It seemed time to update that year value :) Let me know if you have any questions about that!


Back in the Old Days of Facebook, they didn't have fan pages or such. Therefore, many people created separate profiles for them personally and for their company. I had done that myself. So there were two profiles - one for Lisa Shea (me) and one for BellaOnline (the website). I tried to friend all editors who were interested from both profiles.

Now that Facebook has Fan Pages, they are heavily dissuading people from having profiles which are not a "real person". In fact I'm pretty sure it now says in their policy that every person can only have one account, and that it must be for their real name. I didn't want us to be breaking their rules (and maybe getting our pages deleted!). So I have just deactivated the BellaOnline "profile page".

We do still have our fan page! So feel free to be a fan of the fan page. If you saw you "lost a friend", it's because the BellaOnline "profile page" is now deactivated.

We've been talking about this in the Social Networking forum so if this is confusing to you, come on by here -


If you haven't entered into the world of social networking yet, I highly recommend it. It is an incredibly effective way to build up your traffic and income. We can help you get started step by step!

If you're interested in friending my personal page, it is here -



BellaOnline strives to be as green as we can be. It's an interesting challenge - how is a website green? Aren't we green already because we are all electronic, and not killing trees by sending out paper all the time? Still, we can always improve. If you're interested on being part of a Green Committee, please let me know. We'll be casual - emailing each other, coming up with ideas, stating our purpose on the website. Who knows what cool ideas we might come up with! This shouldn't be any sort of real time commitment - more of a brainstorming group which might come up with some amazingly useful ideas!

Respond back if you're interested!

Lisa Shea, owner


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