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July 14 2017 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I gave our mail system a kick in the butt and it should be running again. Thanks go out to the editors who contacted me. A reminder, if our mail is stuck, you need to email me at my personal lisa@lisashea.com address to get to me :). My bellaonline email would be stuck just like everything else.

And in other good news, Diane and I finally figured out the mangling-italics issue in the print copies of Mused! Hurrah! I just got in the print copies of issues Summer 2014 through Spring 2016 and they all look perfect! Happy Happy. So if you've been waiting to order any issues in that range until we got the italics working properly, those are now set!

We are now working on print issues Summer 2016 through Summer 2017 and hopefully will get those resolved soon. We will let you know as soon as those are set!

In other other news, I am currently running a four-part series on writing, self-publishing, marketing, and social networking at my local library. Part 2 on self-publishing is on Saturday which means I finally just got done my book on self publishing step by step :). It's about 200 pages, you can see what the book is about here -


I'm happy to send any of you a free copy of it - just let me know if you prefer MOBI (Kindle), EPUB (Apple), or PDF (generic) format. It covers both publishing paperback books and ebooks on a variety of systems.

Week 3 is on marketing so I have to scramble to get my marketing book finished in time, and then all 16 books in this collection will finally be done :). I'll let you know when the marketing book is done in case any of you would like a copy of that.

Thank goodness all 8 books for part 4 on social networking are all done already, although Twitter did go and randomly change all their icons from squares to circles in the past few weeks. So I need to redo those screenshots. Still, a minor issue in the grand scheme of things.

I've also been having serious mouse issues with the mouse randomly clicking and not clicking which means I couldn't work on a bunch of projects that involved detail work. I finally got a new mouse in thanks to Amazon Prime Day and will strive to catch up on the pending issues as quickly as I can. Thank you for your patience!

Have a great weekend!


Lisa Shea, owner


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