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July 2 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

You guys know I tend to shy from the idea of building wealth. I avoid all pop-up and intrusive ads on the site. We donate ads to charity. Our site merely pays for itself. Even with my own personal sites, I am low key. I live in my boyfriend's house ;). My dream would be to release all the clutter of stuff in my home and life simply.

Now, that being said, I do understand that it is important to be able to afford healthy food and a stable home. With the rough economic conditions, many of us are counting our pennies when the end of the month comes. My college courses have definitely put me into that position.

So I thought we could focus July on ideas for helping us all become stable and content. Many of us have side businesses which help pay the bills. I have my origami. Jeanne, our resources manager, sells soaps. Some editors design webpages. Other editors sell crafts. Many editors write and sell books.

Let's all brainstorm together how to help each other succeed and thrive!

First, let me know what the best date/time is for you for a wealth building chat. We'll make vision boards, brainstorm ideas for each other, and help launch July as our best month ever at building our stable foundation.

On your Admin menu, go to Social Networking on the right side. Follow everyone in Twitter. Fan everyone on Facebook. Get to know what your fellow editors offer. That way, if someone comes to you and says "I wish I had someone who could help me build a website" you know immediately that you can send them to fellow editors to help out. We are a great referral network!

If you currently do not have a Facebook and Twitter page for your personal project, it's time to set one up! Both are absolutely critical in our modern world, and they are REALLY easy to do. I just set up both for my origami site and it took maybe an hour tops. Swing by our Blogs forum -


Post what you need and we'll all help out. Social networking doesn't take long to set up, and it can bring you incredible rewards in traffic and income.

A great way to learn is to watch others in action. Once you friend and fan your fellow editors in Twitter and Facebook, watch what they do for a few days. See the different techniques they use. We are all different. One will resonate with you, and it'll help you launch your own success!

Let me know what in particular you're challenged with, in your business progress, and I'll make sure that's on our topic list for our wealth chat!

Lisa Shea, owner


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