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July 20 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

At about 4:50pm EST today our Asheville NC server facility had a hardware failure and their entire facility went off the web. That took out all our servers. If you ever notice a server outage please email me at my PERSONAL address - LShea@charter.net - since I won't be able to get any site email :).

I posted updates on the BellaOnline Facebook Page -


and our BellaOnline Twitter Feed -


So those are two good places to check for news if you ever run into site problems. Those will always be up (hopefully!) even if our servers go down.

The hosting crew seems to have fixed the hardware problem now and everything is up and running again. I'll of course keep an eye on things for the evening but I think we should be all set!

These things happen occasionally - no hardware unit is 100% fail proof. Luckily it was a fairly short outage, and we're rolling along again.

I try to put issues like this in perspective. I was at the hospital yesterday with a dear friend who was in a car accident on Tuesday night. She was a passenger in a car, and she has a fractured pelvis and a broken vertebrae. So she will have months of very painful rehab before she is able to walk properly again. I had seen her just last Friday and she was happy, healthy, and preparing to start a new veggie-rich eating lifestyle. In the blink of an eye things can change and you have no control at all over that change. All you can do is handle your own response. Being with her reminds me again of how precious every hour is, how I should make the most of each day I have, and how no matter what I face, there are others who are facing far larger challenges.

So I count my blessings that the site outage was short, that things are back to normal, and that I am able to change positions in my chair without excruciating pain.

I hope you have blessings in your own life that you treasure.

Lisa Shea, owner


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