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July 28 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I've just finished two books on social networking and marketing, and just had dinner tonight with an expert in social networking and marketing. So I've got all sorts of tips to pass along.

Rather than deluge you with hundreds of tips at once, I'll have each message focus on an area so it makes more sense :).

One area many editors have been talking with me about is Pinterest. Pinterest is an image-sharing site that has become hugely popular. I get a lot of interest in my images of low carb recipes, for example, that then link back to my actual recipe pages. For my personal origami business, I post photos of my origami items - for example a bouquet of origami flowers - which then link to my sales pages. All sorts of people see the images when looking for first anniversary ideas, wedding ideas, and more. I'm right in where they are looking for things.

But how about other topic areas? What if I wrote the Fiction Writing site? How could I gather up visitors from Pinterest when most of my content was non-graphic-oriented?

The key here is that much of what is an "image" on Pinterest is actually an inspiring tip or quote, just made into an image. Here's a random example I found -


So for example the fiction writing editor could do an article about adding fragrance to a story, as a way to involve all the senses. And then she could do a graphic that said something like "Fiction Writing Tip: Add Fragrance To Your Story. Help the reader inhale the scene". That would then link to the full article. So people would love the tip, and forward it and bookmark it, and it would draw more people to the full article.

People also love graphs and charts. So say the Moms editor was doing a story about getting kids to do housework. She could do a chart showing what percentage of housework a mom tends to do, vs a dad. Those types of charts are forwarded around a ton :) And it could link to the story with all the details.

So even if your site isn't picture oriented, give thought to what sort of images would *promote* a given article. What type of an image would a user glance at, be intrigued by, and then click to get the full story? That's what Pinterest is great for, catching the eye with an image.

Try going to Pinterest and searching on your topic name. You could easily be inspired by what you find! Post in our social networking forum for advice and tips, and we'll all help out -


Let us know what you have success with, so we can be inspired! And remember, as with all social networking, the key is patience. Every book emphasized that. My expert I met with said she hears that at every conference she goes to. Social networks take time to build. The people who thrive are the ones who stick with it, and build it up. Hang in there!

Lisa Shea, owner


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