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July 28 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

My son is over for the weekend, so I've put him to work reviewing video games for me. While he plays, I just read through "Yes! Energy" which is all about building wealth. It had a number of great points in it. I thought it would be good to intersperse these with the social media emails.

Social media is absolutely critical - and it builds slowly. So it's a long-haul, over time you have oodles of money coming in system. But at the same time, I know many editors need money NOW. So you want to balance social media efforts with income-now efforts, so you can bridge the time between now and then :).

A key message of this book is to plan short-term, realistic goals and hang them in front of your eyes. Yes, long term you might want to own a bigger house someday. So make your goal for this week to do X. It can be a small X! Every step counts. Short term goals keep you moving.

So as part of this, she has a three day cash test. How could you make cash in the next three days? Look at your skill set. We all have skills. All of us are writers, for example! So, in three days, how could you have cash in hand? An ebook goes live on Kindle in 12 hours. Making a Kindle MOBI from a Word Document takes under 5 minutes. You have content you've written in folders on your hard drive. What can you compile? It doesn't have to be huge. It can be "basics of growing tomatoes". Maybe "20 great chive recipes". People love quick-and-easy. One of my top sellers is my "carb charts" ebook which is simply 20 or so pages of charts of the carbohydrates in various foods.

If you're not good with covers, that's fine. Many editors can help! We are all a team together to help each other. Post what you need in the editor's forum. Or go to Fiverr and pay someone $5. There are many ways to get help for the things you're not good at. If you're not good with images, let someone who IS good with images help out. They will have something they need help with. Maybe they don't understand Twitter and you can help them with that. Or maybe you can be another set of eyes to proof their book.

So that's a great exercise to do. You have three days. What could you do, that uses your natural skill set? What can you outsource, that you're not good at, so you're not wasting your time in that area?

My friend Susan has a great content website on job hunting. She pays someone to do multiple Twitter posts a day for her. The Twitter person is thrilled, she loves Twitter. Susan is thrilled, she can spend her time on what she does best. It's a win-win.

If you need brainstorming help for your 3 days, post in the editor's forum! Every single person can do this.

It's absolutely critical to build the long term snowballs. That will support you well, without effort, in the future. But for *now* you also want to have cash coming in to pay the bills and to be free to work towards that future.

Post in the editor's forum with questions, and we'll all help out!

Lisa Shea, owner


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