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July 29 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Thank you everyone so much for your continued testing and help with the new mobile-friendly website and forums. We keep tweaking and improving things! And thank you to the editors who are signing up for an additional site. The more sites we can get active, the more visitors we'll bring in, and the more editors, and so on! It helps us all thrive.

Once I'm sure we've got editors handled for those top-traffic sites, I'll then open it up to alumni and then to the world at large.

Here's the next thing I'm looking at.

For years and years we've had a BellaOnline "radio station" online made up of female artists. As the world transitioned to YouTube, fewer people listened to the streaming radio version. I'm preparing to move our radio station concept onto YouTube.

Here's how it works, giving a real-life example.

I volunteer at my art organization's art gallery every Saturday from 10-3. When I go in, I play a YouTube playlist that is full of classical music. That playlist just runs all day, with the YouTube musical options in that playlist. Occasionally ads come on.

I can make something similar for us here at BellaOnline. I'll make a playlist of the music we've been sent by these artists. It promotes the artists so they get heard more. And we can insert our own commercials. That is, each of you can have a 30-second commercial to promote your site or article. For example I could make a promotion for my Low Carb site saying something like "Did you know that by following a low carb diet, and reducing the sugar in your daily diet, you could reduce inflammation, get better sleep, and lose weight? Here are five easy steps for you to make progress this week. (steps) To learn more visit (bla bla bla)."

The best commercials are short and informative, because people remember those. And it'll drive traffic to your site!

Let me know if you'd like a commercial done for your site. If you'd like to make the video yourself that is quite fine. If you would like to make an audio file and have me insert appropriate photos, that is fine. And if you'd like to just write a script and have me read it for you and find photos, that's fine too! Whatever works to get your commercial created.

Also don't forget to keep posting those recommended products! Those get promoted across our entire BellaOnline system.

Ask with any questions!


Lisa Shea, owner


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