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July 4 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping me test out the new BellaOnline site design! This new site layout will work well on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, and anything in between. Its purpose is to allow all visitors from all areas to use our site smoothly. Right now over half of our visitors are using a mobile device. That's a lot! We want to make sure they can easily read our articles whatever device they are using.

Everyone's testing seems to have been going quite well, on a variety of devices, so that is great! The next step is to put it live.

This is a holiday week in the US and web traffic in general has been low across all my sites as people are out having fun and enjoying off-computer time. So it's the ideal time to roll out a big change, when things are quiet.

My plan is to put this new site design live this Friday, July 6th in the evening. This coming weekend will be the quietest time of all and the perfect time to work out any remaining issues. That will give us all weekend to make sure everything is linked and running smoothly before all our visitors come back to work and play on Monday.

I will let you know before I make the change and as I roll it out. This should be the very last stage in a multi-year-process of getting everything ready for the update. At this point the forums will be fully secure and mobile friendly. The website will be fully secure and mobile friendly. The servers will be all up to date! Hurrah! It's taken quite a while to get here, but it is very worth it. Mobile friendly is the way the web works now. And secure sites are pretty much a requirement for Google.

As always, please ask with any questions. Let me know if you need graphic storage space on our bellaonline.us website to hold images for your articles. Let me know if you have any questions about how the featured images work with the new layout. I'm happy to help!

Thank you to everyone for your help during this process. Together we've done it!

For those in the US, Happy Independence Day :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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