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July 6 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I'd like to offer a fond farewell and congratulations to Lesley Aeschliman, our Newsletter Manager, who is now heading off to launch her own blog! Lesley has been an enormous help to our management team and to all editors. She has helped a number of editors greatly increase their newsletter membership through guidance on weekly, interesting content.

Going forward, for any questions on newsletters, please contact me directly. I'll be quite happy to help out!

Two keys with newsletters is to send a fresh one each week and to have something personal in that newsletter. That way readers look forward to getting it and feel as if you're talking directly with them. Those are the types of newsletters that get subscribed to and forwarded around to friends and family.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Many writers get baffled by when to use "that" and when to use "which". A number of editors requested that I add a lesson on this topic to our writing course. I've now added it in as Lesson #3!

I can't paste the lesson into an email message as it has italics to help clarify what is going on. These editor-wide messages are sent as raw text only because many editors are using simple readers. So to see the lesson, log into the members area with your BellaOnline email address (i.e. lowcarb@bellaonline.com). Let me know if you have any difficulty accessing the course there. All editors who have finished the basic training course should see this new course.

I'm still gathering up the "confusing words" list from everybody, for that lesson. I've had many great examples from editors, along the lines of "effect" vs "affect". Let me know what words you get tripped up by, and I'll add them into the list! That way we can all help each other.

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Lisa Shea, owner


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