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July 6 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Site traffic is nice and quiet now as we head into the prime holiday weekend. I'm going to start the process of rolling in the new mobile-friendly responsive-design layout we've been working on.

I'll definitely be watching for character set issues. Those are the issues where special characters like curly quotes and such aren't showing up correctly. The new site is all on UTF-8 which is the modern standard. There are just a few quirks about moving from the previous standard which we'll get through :).

If you have a different default image you'd like for your site, just let me know. The aim is for those to be clear and meaningful even at tiny postage-stamp size. Remember that the default image is just a placeholder for when you haven't chosen an actual image for an article. No default image will ever be perfect for all situations. There isn't just one image which represents all of Africa, for example. Or all aspects of Italian food. Or anything. So the default placeholder is just a generic idea while we find actual matching images for the articles, for those of us who hadn't done that yet.

Also if you don't yet have your 400x400 bio image up, please upload that. The old tiny images just don't look very good on newer systems. People now have much higher resolutions and many use their TV screens to surf the web.

I will send updates as I go and then I'll make sure everyone who wants image storage space at our bellaonline.us site has that access.

Onward and upward! All of our millions of mobile-device-using visitors will be thrilled! :). And heck, so will everyone else, with the new site being much easier to use :).

Talk to you soon!


Lisa Shea, owner


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