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July 7 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Two of our editors have shared wonderful help and advice for our community! Thank you so much to Maeve and Camille. Here is what we have for you.

First, Maeve, our School Reform editor, has graciously offered to share her book on "100 Writing Mistakes to Avoid" with all editors for FREE! Here is the direct link to the PDF version:


password: MaddoxGuide

This book is also available on Amazon in print and Kindle format.

I highly recommend editors download and read through Maeve's work! She provides a wealth of information. There are tips in there that even the most seasoned of writers can benefit from.

Second, Camille, our Art Appreciation editor, has posted insightful information in our editor forum. I'm sharing this with her permission:


I thought this might be helpful to editors when wanting to post a photo from another website.

I just wrote an article on Johnny Depp as Tonto in "The Lone Ranger."

I talked about the painting that was the inspiration for his makeup and headdress. I wanted to use the image of the painting, "I Am Crow" and so I contacted the website and the legal department responded.

They wanted to read my entire article and how I would use the photo.
Then they allowed me to use the link they provided with a watermark.
They also thanked me for respecting their copyright.
I have had my articles "copied" in the past and so I understand the sensitivity of the issue.


Camille has done an awesome job here. The issue of copyright violation is one that we all face daily. Many editors have been traumatized by having their poetry, song lyrics, or other works stolen and used without their permission. In many cases the editor was planning on selling the work and now their ability to do so is impacted.

Camille explains how straightforward it is to get permission for something you want to use. Whether it's an image, a poem, a lyric, or any other content piece, always make sure you obtain proper copyright permission before going through with your usage of it. To use content without permission is not just unethical, it is illegal.

Kudos to Camille for taking this step and demonstrating clearly how copyright should properly be handled.

Feel free to write me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on either situation! And thank you again to both Maeve and Camille for helping our community prosper :).


Lisa Shea, owner


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