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July 8 2018 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Thank you so, so much to all the editors who are helping me test the new mobile-friendly site. Note that I haven't yet converted all our "less used" pages like our Solitaire game and so on. The games all still work fine in the old format and I'm less concerned about them. I am focusing on your all-important site pages for now - your articles, your subject link pages, and so on. Once we are sure everything is right with all your site pages I'll worry about the solitaire game and such :).

I have just gone through and made sure I've processed all the new 400x400 editor photos. If you still have an old-style 200x200 photo, or an ancient 56x83 photo, please load a new one up soon. You don't have to make it 400x400. Just load any clear photo of you which is *larger than* 400x400 and I'll resize it for you. If you try to upload it and get an error, please email me the photo and let me know about the error. That way I can figure that out.

Next I am working on setting up graphic space on BellaOnline.us (our graphic storage space) for the editors who just asked for it. This will be a place you can store, for free, images for use in your articles. This graphic storage space works with https:// which is required for modern-day sites. Google wants all sites to be secure now. It makes sense, given all the privacy issues going on around us. BellaOnline.com is now a secure site so that means all our graphics on it have to be secure, too.

If you need graphic storage space, let me know. If you've already let me know, you should be getting an email from me soon with instructions on how to use the space I've set up for you.

Please continue to let me know if you spot any issues with the new live site layout. The more of us that test, on the more various devices, the more sure we can be that everything is working properly.

Thank you all so much for your patience and help throughout this process! Onward and upward! :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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