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August 1 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

A reminder that I leave this Wed August 3rd for the London Gathering! We are holding it on August 5-7 in London. If you're able to Skype in, we'd love to have you! Full details are in the Meetings area of the admin menu. We will do our best to let people Skype in at each session! Note that I won't mention my travel plans in my Facebook pages, for security reasons :)

Feedback on Sites

I'm uncertain how to address this next topic, so I will do my very best. Please feel free to write me if you have any questions or comments.

Usually I'm not involved in providing feedback on sites to editors. Depending on the stage the editor is in, that task is usually done by the Training manager, Launch manager, or Editor Help manager. However, with various managers being on and off sabbatical in the past year, often that feedback task has fallen to me. Somehow, despite my best attempts to provide constructive feedback, I've heard from managers that some editors feel that I dislike them because I sent them feedback.

I like and enjoy every editor here! I'm incredibly proud of our community and how we help our visitors. The reason I provide feedback is I want to help editors reach an even larger audience. There is no editor I dislike - not even one. We are all unique and that is the beauty of our system! We have different points of view and different opinions. Together we can help a wide variety of visitors. I love that diversity.

BellaOnline is my dream occupation. It's not about money - as you know we are primarily charity supporting and we simply pay our hosting / software bills. I'm blessed in that my personal money needs are few - my boyfriend owns the house we live in and our cars are paid for. My personal sites pay for food and utilities and I'm set. I live in sweats. I don't harbor materialistic long term plans. I've already turned down offers to sell BellaOnline for $2+ million dollars. If anything I am clearing the house of clutter and trying to minimize and live frugally.

Helping editors is my "end goal". There is no other end goal for me, that I could do if only I had money or X or Y. This is what I want to be doing. I work hard each day to ensure BellaOnline is here for its editors. I focus on providing the very best feedback, training, and support we can to help you thrive and reach your dreams.

If you ever feel discouraged by feedback I provide, please let me know if there was a particular word or phase I used which could have been changed. A main reason I'm taking my Leadership degree is to learn to improve my skills in communicating with people of all backgrounds and cultures. I know I can learn a lot more! I am happy to hear feedback. Especially as I handle the launch reviews while Jilly is on sabbatical, I'm writing a lot of editors with information on how to improve their sites and writing style. I'm doing this so you can boost your traffic and grow your income! I am attempting to be helpful :)

So to summarize, I like every editor here. Helping you thrive is my Ideal Job and it's what I live for. There is no future plan for me. This right here is a blessing and I am thrilled every day that I can do it. If there is room for me to improve, please let me know, and I will do my best to incorporate your comments so I can then help all the editors even more smoothly going forward!

Have a great week :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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